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A Fantastic Trip At Jatayu Earth Centre, India? Here’s How.

Jatayu Earth Center is located in Kerala; India is beyond the limits of reality. This amalgamation of nature and art attracts tourists from every part of the world. The effigy of Jatayu (Vulture Raj) made in the holy land of India is associated with religious faith and a special religious story related to Hinduism, about which we will give detailed information. 

Jatayu Earth's Centre
Jatayu Earth Centre

With the inauguration of the statue of Jatayu in chadayamangalam, Kerala, India has achieved the record of the world’s largest vulture bird statue. Today India is home to the world’s largest bird statue.

There is a special mythological story behind the giant statue of Jatayu among the local people of Chadayamangalam village in Kerala. This story connects you to Tretayuga. The giant idol of the Garuda bird (Jatayu) is linked to an important event during the exile of Lord Rama, the chief of the Hindus. The Government of Kerala and Rajeev Aanchal have been the main contributors behind making the world’s largest bird statue.

There are many good places to visit in India, but if we talk about Kerala in the southern part of India, the tourist area here is limited to the coastal areas like Varkala, Kovalam and Popova. However, with the passage of time, this trend has slowly come to the verge of change. Chadayamangalam village, where the world’s largest statue of Jatayu has been built, is located near the spectacular tourist destinations of Kerala like Varkala, Kovalam and Poova.

The Kerala government, in association with renowned southern sculptor Rajeev Anchal, built the world’s largest bird statue at Chadayamangalam village in the Kollam district of Kerala. The idol has been built on a hill called More and was opened for tourists by the year 2018.

This statue of the world’s largest World Scripture Jatayu Earth Center is 200 feet long and 150 feet wide. Its height is about 80 feet. The tourist centre in which the statue of Jatayu is built is mainly known as Jatayu Earth Center or Jatayu Nature Park. This article will act as a detailed guide for you to plan your trip and visit Jatayu Earth Center.

Jatayu Earth Center, Kollam, Kerala located in Kerala, India is beyond the limits of realities. This unique confluence of nature and art attracts tourists from every part of the world. The giant statue of jatayu (vulture king) made in the holy land of India is associated with a special religious story related to religious faith and Hinduism, about which we will give detailed information.

Kerala is heaven for India. And there is no doubt about it. The beauty of Kerala is the most beautiful beauty of the world given by God. Jatayu National Park built in Kerala is the biggest attraction of Kerala. All the credit goes to the Kerala Tourism Department for the beauty of Jatayu National Park located in Kerala, India. The Jatayu Nature Park is the result of the hard work of Mr Rajeev Anchal and the Tourism Department of Kerala.

Jatayu Earth Center took almost 10 years to build. Obviously, it was not the work of a single person, the whole team put in a lot of hard work to complete this project. Together they did a wonderful job. The construction work of Jatayu Earth Center has been done on government land. Jatayu Earth Center, a major tourist destination of Kerala, is spread over an area of ​​about 65 acres.

The giant vulture statue, the adventure centre and the Siddha healing centre combine to form the Jatayu Earth Center. Even though it took less time to make this idol, the story behind this idol is many years old. Jatayu Adventure Center avails you has a variety of adventures on the rocky cliffs.

The speciality of Jatayu Earth’s Center – Kollam 

Jatayu Nature Park, Kerala
Jatayu Nature Park, Kerala

As the name itself suggests, a huge statue of Jatayu. The main feature of Jatayu Earth Center is the statue of the world’s largest bird built here. This statue is so huge that its length is about 200 feet and width is 150 feet wide.

The size of the idol of Jatayu makes it the most special tourist centre here. Given the beauty and size of the idol, it has also found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Apart from the idol of Jatayu, the natural environment and beauty of this place are very pleasant.

Jatayu Earth Center includes a digital museum, an Ayurvedic resort and 6D theatre. Jatayu Earth Center is one such project, which this project has been implemented after a partnership between both government and private groups. The Adventure Center built here has more than 20 activities which is enough to thrill and thrill you.

Why is the Jatayu Earth’s Center so special?

The statue of Jatayu made in Kerala defines heaven. It is the first project of its kind to use the BOT (Build Operate Transfer) model Public Private Partnership. The main objective of this plan was to combine history, epic, technology and many arts. Local ponds and many natural lakes will be seen around the tourist place. Solar energy is also used here to supply electricity.

In the museum built under the statue of Jatayu, two floors of the museum are dedicated to depicting Tretayuga. The museum displays all kinds of knowledge related to the Ramayana, the biography of Shri Ram during the Treta Yuga and the main events that happened during that period.

The third floor of the museum is dedicated to new-age digital photography and artwork related to mythology. The character that happened during the period of Prabhu Shriram is shown inside the museum. There the same has been portrayed during the period of Shriram.

An audio-visual presentation of the infamous battle between the giant bird Jatayu and Ravana is shown in the theatre built at the Jatayu Earth Center.

Inside the statue, you will find stairs that will lead you straight to Jatayu’s eye. Jatayu’s eye gives a natural experience of seeing the very beautiful Arabian Sea and very beautiful rural areas of Kerala.

Hindu Religious Significance Behind The Giant Statue Of Jatayu Earth’s Centre, Kollam 

Jatayu Earth's Centre
Jatayu’s statue And Ancient Lord Rama Temple

Regarding the statue, the local people believe that there is a high hill in the village; the strings of that hill have been found connected to the Hindu religious book Ramayana. There is a special story prevalent in Chadayamangalam village which is familiar to every resident here. The story is about the incident that happened during Satya, Lord of Hindus Shri Ram and his wife Mata Sita. When Lord Shri Rama was taken by his father who was King Dasaratha, the Chakravartin emperor of Ayodhya.

His father ordered Lord Shri Ram to stay in the forest for 14 years. During this, his younger brother Lakshmana and his wife’s mother Sita went with him to live in the forest. Lord Rama is the main deity of the Hindus. Lankapati Ravana is the symbol of evil. During the exile in the forest, when Ravana abducted mother Sita by confusing Lord Rama with his illusory power, the war between the bird Jatayu and Ravana took place.

The story has been linked to a rock built on the outskirts of the village from the time of the Satyuga Ramayana. This is not an ordinary rocky rock but a religious hill associated with the religious beliefs of the Hindus. According to Hindu mythology, a fierce battle between good and evil took place on this rock. When Ravana was abducting Mother Sita and taking her to Lanka using illusionary powers, at the same time the vulture Jatayu blocked Ravana’s way and tried to rescue Mother Sita.

Even though the vulture Jatayu was old, he fought strongly with Ravana. During the war, Ravana cut off both his wings and showered arrows all over his body. Even after being injured, Girraj Jatayu did not stop fighting Ravana, he damaged Ravana, but due to being old in age, he could not face Ravana for a long time and after getting injured, fell unconscious on this rocky rock. .

Jatayu Earth's Centre
Jatayu Earth’s Centre

Mother Sita had given a boon to Jatayu to stay alive till he did not tell the whole thing to Lord Ram. In this way, Lord Ram was wandering in the forest with a sad heart in search of Mother Sita and finally, Hanuman Ram reached Jatayu after told him the whole thing, the bird Jatayu died. The mention of the great Jatayu is heard in many other mythological stories of Hindus.

Who was Jatayu? Click here to know in detail.

On the rocky peak, when Ravana was abducting mother Sita and taking her to Lanka, at the same time the king of vultures known as Jatayu appeared. He tried tirelessly to stop Ravana. Maharaj Jatayu fought with Ravana till his last breath to protect Mother Sita.

Jatayu Earth's Centre

Maharaj Jatayu had fallen injured on this peak of Mangalam village during the war. Later, when Lord Shri Ram and his younger brother Laxman reached this peak in the forest in search of Mother Sita, they found the vulture Jatayu injured. While taking his last breath, he told the whole truth to Lord Shriram and gave up his life.

It is said that from the same era of Satyuga (Ramayana), this village got its name as Jatayumangalam (Chadayamangalam) and that rocky rock is known today by the name of “Jatayupara”.

For sculptor Rajeev Aanchal, the project was not just about tourism. In the environment in which his childhood passed, he always heard these mythological stories of Maharaj Jatayu and influenced by these stories, he transformed his thinking into the statue of the world’s largest bird.

Sculptor Rajeev Aanchal says about his magnum opus that he has been influenced by Jatayu’s mythological stories since childhood and was further influenced by it. He says that “It is a powerful story with an attractive character. gives flight to”. Jatayu’s struggle with full feelings towards evil till the last breath can prove to be a great lesson for humans.

Distance to reach Jatayu Earth Center –

  • 28 km from Varkala Village

The nearest airport to Jatayu Earth Center is Trivandrum Puram and the nearest railway station is Kollam station.

How to reach Jatayu Earth Center?

You can take a taxi or take a bus from any of the above-mentioned places to reach the centre.

Chadayamangalam is situated on the Main Central (MC) road connecting Angamaly (Ernakulam district) and Kesavadasapuram (Thiruvananthapuram district). Buses are available from major bus stations in the state.

You can hire a taxi or a bus to reach Jatayu Earth Center Kollam from any of the places mentioned in the article. This place is located at the most precise and selective distance to see the idol of Jatayu. You can also visit Calimano Palace by reaching here.

Daytime is the best time to explore these areas completely. Along with Jatayu Nature Park, you can see the birthplace of famous painter Raja Ravi Varma and many old museums built here, which include information about mythology and inscriptions. Kilimanoor Palace is located very close to Jatayu Earth Center, you can surely see the splendid and ancient original paintings there.

We hired a taxi from near the airport to reach Jatayu Earth Center, although two-wheelers are also easily available on rent to reach Jatayu Earth Center. .In our case we were 6 people so choosing a bigger car was our first priority.

Broad and smooth roads have been made by the Government of Kerala to reach Jatayu Nature Park. The quality of the roads here is so good that you can reach Jatayu Nature Park in a jiffy. On reaching Jatayu Nature Park, there is a good arrangement for parking in the lower part of the statue, where you can easily park your car in the parking lot and take a ticket and go on a tour.

Jatayu Earth’s Center Nature Park Ticket Price –

Jatayu Earth's Centre
Jatayu Earth’s Centre

On reaching here, the main cost of seeing the statue is ₹ 500, in addition to this, the cost of reaching the statue by cable car is ₹ 500. In total, to see Jatayu Earth Center, you will have to spend a thousand rupees to buy a ticket.

As you can see in the pictures attached to the article, the height of Jatayu Earth Center is very high. Because of this, when you enter Jatayu Earth Center, you will have to go either by stairs or by cable car. In both conditions, your fare seems to be around ₹ 240. The cable car ride costs a total of ₹300 per person both ways. In our case, we only paid for work from one side and walked down the stairs from the other side.

Jatayu Nature Park, Kerala Tour by Helicopter –

If you are unable to walk and walk, then you can also visit Jatayu Earth Center Nature Park by helicopter. If you want to visit the beauty of Jatayu Earth Center Park from a height, then travelling by helicopter will be the best experience.

The fare to reach Jatayu Earth Center by helicopter is about two and a half thousand rupees. The helicopter ride will give you an aerial view of the idol of Jatayu. There is no extra charge for carrying a camera or a DSLR, although we were prohibited from carrying our drone camera.

Which is the best time to visit Jatayu Earth’s Center Kollam? 

Jatayu Earth's Centre
Jatayu Earth’s Centre

The southern part of India, especially the Kerala Bali region, experiences extremely hot summers, so the best time to visit the Jatayu Earth Center is considered to be between November to February.

The summer months, especially from March to May, see the scorching sun and extremely hot weather, so winter is the best season to visit. If you want, you can go here even during the rainy season.

The view here looks very beautiful on rainy days, keep in mind that when you go out for a walk, the weather should be clear and it should not rain, your fun may be gritty due to rain.

You can also choose a mild rainy season to visit here. August to September can be a better season to visit Jatayu Earth Center.

The most ideal time to visit any place is early morning or maybe evening as Jatayu Earth Center is in the southern part of India so the weather is hot here. Jatayu Earth Center opens at 9:30 am, the best time to visit here can be considered in the evening.

If you plan to spend the whole day at Jatayu Earth Center, then visiting in the morning would be the best experience for you. After reaching here, you can take part in many other activities, where your whole day will pass in a jiffy.

Is online booking necessary to visit Jatayu Earth’s Center?

When we went to Jatayu Earth Center, it was the time of Corona, many changes were made by the Government of India to fulfil all the guidelines of Corona, so at that time, we could not get any facility like online booking.

All of us reached Jatayu Earth Center early in the morning and bought tickets by paying cash from the ticket window. However, now the facility of online booking has been made fully operational. For online booking, you can easily book by visiting the official website of Jatayu Earth Center.

Before reaching Jatayu Earth Center, you can get all the information on the official website of Jatayu Earth Center. Will go there and stay at your place? Where will you eat and what will make your commuting smoother? After making sure of all the basic things, only after making sure, decide to go to Jatayu Earth Center.

What to do after reaching Jatayu Earth Centre, Kollam?

Jatayu Earth's Centre, Kollam

Jatayu Nature Park is not only spiritual but it challenges your courage to the fullest. The Adventure Zone built here has more than 30 adventure games. This confluence of devotion and adventure has the potential to delight any tourist to the fullest.

Adventure sports include archery, rock climbing, rifle shooting, paintball and laser tag. Various types of physical treatments are also offered in the Ayurvedic resort built here. You will feel refreshed and blissful after taking the treatments.

Another major attraction is the only car facility that runs here, it is the first state-of-the-art only car facility in South India. You must definitely enjoy this cable ride once you are here.

Contact details:

Jatayu Earth’s Center Chadayamangalam P.O.Kollam, Kerala – 691534

Phone : +91 474 2477077

Mob: +91 9778414178E-mail.,

Website :

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