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Things To Do In Jatayu Earth Center And Nature Park – Jatayu The Legend

Jatayu Earth Center located in Chadayamangalam village of Kerala is the most famous tourist destination of Kerala. Chadayamangalam village comes under Kollam district. Kollam district is the first choice of tourists in Kerala. 

The purpose of the Government of Kerala and sculptor Rajeev Achal behind the creation of Jatayu Nature Park was to explain and present the incident of the Ramayana dialogue that took place in the land of Kerala to the world. Honourable Rajeev Aanchal ji plants the brain behind the whole scheme.

It was his vision to build the biggest and most beautiful statue of the great Jatayu in Chadayamangalam village of Kollam district. The design of this statue and the entire project was made by Rajeev Aanchal ji. 

This semi-government project’s unique blend of all these features has made this a grand religious tourist destination maintained by the Kerala Tourism Department. A mixture of history, natural beauty, adventure and mythology is seen in Jatayu Adventure Park.

Importance of Jatayu Para –

Jatayu Fight With Ravana

According to mythological and religious legend, Jatayupara is the place where a special dialogue took place during the Hindu epic Ramayana. The local people here believe that when Lord Shri Ram was in exile for 14 years, at the same time his wife Sita was abducted by the evil Ravana.

Mother Sita was protected by Raj Jatayu and he fought with Ravana, during the war, Ravana cut off both the wings of Jatayu, due to which Girraj fell directly from the sky at this place on the hill of mercury and fainted later. 

Lord Shri Ram and his brother Laxman while searching for Mother Sita Reached the place Jatayu told him the whole story of how Ravana abducted Mother Sita and during the war, he cut off both the wings of Jatayu. In an injured state, Jatayu gave up his life after telling the whole thing to Lord Shri Ram.

Jatayu was duly cremated by Lord Shri Ram and Lakshman. Even today the people of this place are greatly influenced by the event of Treta Yug.

Jatayu The Legend – Jatayu Sculpture – Kollam 

In the holy book of Hindus, Ramcharitmanas, Jatayu is considered the embodiment of indomitable courage and loyalty. Jatayu was a friend of King Dashrath, the Chakravarti emperor, and the father of Lord Shri Ram. He protected Mother Sita till his last breath without worrying about his life. Many local stories are famous in all the local areas around Kerala about Giriraj Jatayu. It is said that Mata Sita had given a boon to Jatayu that he will not die until he tells Lord Shri Ram the whole incident of Ravana’s misdeeds.

After meeting Lord Shri Ram, God himself had asked him to give him the boon of immortality, but old Jatayu told Shriram with a very simple heart that he was now old and there was nothing better than sacrificing his life in front of God. And it cannot happen. Saying this, he gave up his life.

Jatayu’s statue and respect for women –

Jatayu's statue and respect for women

Today, the statue of Jatayu stands as a symbol of the safety, courage, honesty and increasing respect of women. Jatayu laid down his life in the protection of Mother Sita, which is why his idol gets special respect and attention from women. In religious texts and major books of Hindus, Jatayu is also considered a symbol of a bygone era, which shows how concerned all the men-women, animal-birds and other creatures living on earth were for each other. They all looked after each other and all the living beings on earth lived peacefully.

How to reach Jatayu Earth Center?

Jatayu Earth Center located in Chadayamangalam, Kerala is one of the major tourist places in Kerala, so it becomes very easy to reach here. To visit Jatayu Earth Center, you have to reach Chadayamangalam village in the Kollam district of Kerala.

If you want to reach Jatayu Para by train then you have to reach Kottarakkara Railway Station.

Kottarakara Railway Station is located at a distance of just 22 kilometres from Jatayu Earth Center. On reaching here, you can reach Jatayu Earth Center in 30 minutes by taking a taxi or two-wheeler on rent.

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The four hills of Jatayu Earth Center –

Jatayu Earth's Centre
Jatayu Earth’s Centre

Jatayu Earth Center has been built to promote the tourism sector with ancient mythological beliefs and new techniques of modernity. The construction of Jatayu Earth Center is made by combining tourism at four different peaks. The four resorts include Elephant Rock Hill, Adventure Rock Hill, Kitchen Rock Hill and Jatayu Rock Hill.

Elephant Rock Hill

If you are fond of spending the night in the jungle, then Elephant Rock Hill will be the best place for you. This peak is a 250-metre-long zipline, ZONE. The main activities at Elephant Rock Hill are sky cycling, moonlight dinner, campfire, bonfire and delicious food here. By staying here, you can enjoy the greenery of wild animals and dense forests.

Kitchen Rockhill –

If you have never seen natural caves then this place is going to be the most mysterious and exciting for you. Actually, Kitchen Rock Hill is famous all over the world for the natural caves of Jatayu Para. By staying here, you will be able to see different species of trees and plants. Apart from this, by coming here, you can see the whole view of Jatayu Earth Center from the helicopter. Here the facility of heli taxi service is also provided smoothly.

Jatayu sculpture Rock Hill –

The height of the rock is a thousand feet above sea level. For your special information, let us tell you that the giant statue of Girraj Jatayu built in the Jatayu Earth Center located in Kollam is considered to be the world’s largest bird sculpture art. 

The length of the statue is about 200 feet and the width is 150 feet. A modern-day audio-visual museum has been built inside the statue, where complete information about the great Jatayu is explained and displayed. A cable car facility is also provided here to reach the top of the rock. The temple of Maharaj Shri Ram was built on the peak and the rainwater region beer is the centre of attraction.

Adventure Rock Hill –

As the name suggests, Adventure Rock Hill is a special place in itself, you will need at least one full day to come here, the exciting activities here will leave you completely refreshed and happy. All the thrilling yet exciting activities happening here are done keeping your safety in mind. Rock climbing can also be done on the hills built in the forest here. The main activities that take place at Adventure Rockhill are as follows –

  •  Archery 
  •  Rifle shooting
  •  long Walk 
  •  Commando Net 
  •  Zip-line 
  •  Wrestling 
  • Trekking 
  • Camping 

Ancient Religious Pond – 

There is an ancient pond located near the hill of Jatayu Bara, in the middle of this pond many mythological stories and religious anecdotes have been added, it is said that this pond was made by Jatayu from his investigation. From that time till now, this pond has never dried up. Apart from this, another local story is also said that when Jatayu fell at this place, he drank water from this pond and was able to keep himself alive till the arrival of Lord Shri Ram. You will also be able to see this pond while coming towards the statue of Jatayu.

Lord Shriram’s Footprints and Temples –

Jatayu Earth's Centre

It is said that when Lord Rama reached the peak of Jatayupara in search of Mother Sita, he saw the injured Jatayu there. For the first time, when Shri Ram’s brother Laxman saw the huge body of Jatayu, he said brother Shri Ram, I think this vulture has eaten our mother, Sita.

Without knowing the truth, Lakshman ji took out an arrow from his quiver and targeted Jatayu. Seeing all this, Jatayu immediately said that Ravana had abducted Mother Sita and cut off both my wings while fighting with Ravana. Lord Shri Ram was amazed to see Jatayu’s true devotion and sacrifice and left his footprints there.

The temple has very ancient and mythological importance. To see it, there is an influx of tourists from all over the world. It is said that the footprints made in the hill are of Lord Shri Ram, which is of the same time, although the temple has now been rebuilt.

Pal Aruvi Falls –

About 300 feet high, this waterfall is located in the Kollam district of Kerala. It is the 32nd-highest-falling waterfall in India. The beauty here is unforgettable.

Places to visit around Jatayu Earth Center –

Kerala is called heaven in India. There are many beautiful tourist places around Jatayu Earth Center, it is obvious that if you go to Jatayu Earth Center, then you will definitely want to enjoy the beautiful tourist places around there. All tourists from foreign countries coming to Kerala in India start their tour from Kochi. Tourists enjoy the natural beauty of Kerala by visiting beautiful places like Munnar, Alleppey, Kovalan and Trivandrum Puram via Kochi.
To read more detailed information about Jatayu Nature Park click here.

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