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World’s Top 20 Most Dangerous Bridge to Travel For Adventure lovers

Yes! It is absolutely forbidden to be afraid here because it is the most dangerous bridge in the world. When these bridges were built by humans, no one could have even wished that any bridges could be built at such extremely dangerous and narrow places in the world, but proving our thinking wrong, people have built these bridges. 

Some of these bridges are so amazing and dangerous that these bridges have been considered the most dangerous bridges in the world.

If adventure has disappeared from your life then you must visit this dangerous and scary bridge. This bridge is so scary that people remember God while passing through it. People with weak hearts or heart patients and people who are afraid of heights are prohibited from leaving here.

These dangerous bridges made of rope and different intricate structures are considered to be the most popular and scary bridges in the world.

The people passing through here are the only ones who enjoy having exciting matches and in some places, it is a compulsion for people to leave. The main reason for compulsion is that there is no other way to go beyond.

Most of these bridges take a more dangerous form due to being built on high peaks. Some of these bridges are more than 10,000 m high. So, today we will know about the 20 most dangerous and scary bridges in the world.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge – Pakistan

Hussaini Hanging Bridge - Pakistan

Location – Hunza Valley, Pakistan

Height: About 120 feet (over 35 meters)

Length: about 650 ft (6,956 m or 6.9 km)

Of course, the Hussaini Hanging Bridge is the most dangerous bridge in the world. You can see why. There is not even enough space to put both your feet and there is so much width between the steps that if any person walks a little, he will fall down and lose his life.

According to the local people, this dangerous bridge was once damaged and broken due to weather in 2011 and after that, it is being rebuilt.

Until this bridge is ready, the existing hanging bridge is swaying in the air and the local people are forced to pass through very narrow types of bridges.

2. Coiling Dragon Path Bridge – China

Coiling Dragon Path Bridge - China

Location – Hunan, China

Altitude – about 4,600 feet

Length – 328 feet

Located in Hunan, China, this bridge is one of the most dangerous bridges in the world. Passing through this bridge is not the job of any light-hearted person. The kidney comes in the mouth when you look down. Only being high does not make it exciting and dangerous, the real scary moment happens when the tourists pass through this bridge and look down because this entire bridge is made of transparent glass which makes it even more dangerous.

Located near the summit of China’s Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, this eerie sky bridge is 328 feet long and just 5 feet wide. Due to its less width, this bridge becomes more tight and dangerous.

The mountainous landscape near Hunan Province attracts tourists, climbers, and Instagrammers from all over the world, but even this dangerous bridge is not for everyone. This bridge passing through the high mountains is the center of attraction for the people but not every human being can muster the ability to cross it.

3. Thrift Bridge – Switzerland

Thrift Bridge - Switzerland

 Location: Swiss Alps, Switzerland

 Altitude: over 325 (100 m)

 Length: Approx 590 ft (approx 180 m)

This bridge located in the Swiss Alps is a suspension bridge that is always hanging in the air. While leaving here, one can see the full view of the glacier, which is quite a frightening sight. When you are on this bridge amidst strong winds, you cannot pass through this bridge without remembering God.

Looking at the bridge, people get scared that a strong gust of wind might topple this extremely thin bridge, however, as a matter of fact, this bridge is quite safe.

4. Titlis Cliff Walk, Switzerland

Titlis Cliff Walk, Switzerland

Bridge Location: Engelberg, Swiss Alps

Bridge height: about 10,000 feet (over 3,000 meters)

Length: 320 ft (approx 100 m)

This bridge, built in December 2012, offers some of the best views you can get in Switzerland. Although this bridge is quite safe, your fear cannot be reduced after passing through it.

According to the data, this bridge can withstand winds of 120 miles/hour, although it has also faced high-speed winds of 193 miles/hour.

On a clear day, tourists can enjoy a panoramic view of the glacier and Italy from here.

It took about 6 months to build this bridge.

5. Kuandinsky Bridge

Kuandinsky Bridge

image credit – Russia Travel Blog 

Bridge Location – Kuanda, Russia

length -?

This bridge built in Russia’s Kuada has been officially closed for use. But people still take the risk of going through it.

This very narrow bridge was constructed about 32 years ago and now its span is over. Without any supporting bar, very thin, and due to icy winds, this bridge creates even more fear of fear.

But the merchants of adventure do not miss to pass through here.

For people passing through here feels like winning a big battle.

6. The Bridge of Bells of the Iya Valley

Location: Iya Valley, Japan

length -?

The 3 Bell Bridges in the Iya Valley in Japan were built about 900 years ago. If seen, these bridges were made using only wood. In these, wooden boards have been used, which are fixed at a distance of 10 inches.

And this part is wrapped with two vines which keep these wooden parts firmly attached to each other on both sides. After this railing has been prepared on both sides with the help of vines.

Now it is difficult to estimate how strong they are. If someone falls down from this bridge, he will fall into the crevices of a 46 feet deep chasm.

7. Eshima Ohashi Bridge

Location: Matsue and Sakaiminato, Japan

length -?

This strangely shaped bridge proves quite awkward for the drivers. This bridge made in Japan is very famous in the world for its unique design.

Ohashi Bridge connects the cities of Matsue and Shakinmato.

This is because of the extremely high gradient, because of the 6.1 gradients on one side and 5.1 on the other. The reason for its height is clear because the ships passing under it could pass easily, if its height was less then it would not have been possible.

8. Plank Road in the Sky

Plank Road in the Sky

Location: Mount Hua, China

Length – 7000 feet

No matter how courageous you are, your courage will definitely pay off while crossing this bridge. Located in China’s Mount Hua province, this bridge is considered one of the most dangerous bridges in the world.

The sides of this bridge are made of wooden planks. Its length is so high that if you fall from here, you will fall into the crevices of a 7000 feet deep gorge.

To cross the planks, you need to hold onto the rope with both of your hands. When you are crossing this bridge and there is another person coming from the other side then the problem becomes more complicated.

9. Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Location: Langkawi, Malaysia

Length – 410 feet

Altitude – 2000 ft above sea level

Resting on just one pylon, the bridge gives a full 360° view of the Malaysian island of Langkawi. The Langkawi Sky Bridge spans 410 feet over Mount Mat Sinsang.

In the middle of this bridge, there are big pieces of glass fixed at different places, due to which you can also see the view of the depth below. Coming here is prohibited when strong winds blow here.

The bridge was opened in 2005 but was closed in 2012 and 2015 for renovation. (world’s most dangerous bridge)

10. Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, China

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, China

Location – China

Of course, you must be feeling awkward reading this name because this name is in Chinese language and if we pronounce it in Hindi language or English then it means “Cloud Sky Crossing” which is considered to be one of the most dangerous bridges in the world. Is. In the Hindi language, it means “a bridge to cross the clouds and the sky”.

As you can see this bridge is very dangerous and scary full of thrill. It has a glass floor at the bottom which gives you a transparent view of the chasm below and this is what makes it all the more thrilling and dangerous. The height of the bridge is very high, there is no means of escape in case of an accident. However, it is quite sturdily built and undergoes repairs and checks from time to time. 800 people can go over this bridge simultaneously and it connects two hills.

11. Aiguil du Midi Bridge

Aiguil du Midi Bridge

Location: French Alps

Altitude – 12, 500 feet above sea level

It is not common at all to see this scene while standing on the bridge. This small bridge is actually one of the highest bridges in the world.

12. Kakum Canopy Balck

Kakum Canopy Balck

Location – Kakum National Park, Ghana

Friends, this bridge is the center of attraction for tourists from all over the world. People are impressed by the structure of this bridge built on top of the tree.

In fact, the purpose behind building this bridge was also that people came to see it. This bridge was built in 1995. This suspension bridge gives a very exciting feeling when strong winds blow. However, in terms of security, a net was installed below it, if an accident happens, the net can prove to be beneficial.

This bridge is a collection of bridges together, with the help of which you can see the entire wildlife and the beauty of the park very well.

13. Hanging Bridge of Ghasa

Hanging Bridge of Ghasa

Location: Ghas, Nepal

Height: about 450 g (over 130 m)

Length: about 1,500 feet (over 450 meters) 

A dangerous suspension bridge was built by farmers to transport their produce to their families and markets. But believe it or not, this bridge is used by animals like cows, donkeys, and goats more than humans. When it was first built, the reason for its construction was to reduce the congestion caused by cattle in the area.

14. Chagam Bridge, Arunachal Pradesh

Chagam Bridge, Arunachal Pradesh

Location: Mukut Village, Arunachal Pradesh

Elevation: about 1,000 feet (300 m)

Length: 300 ft (100 m)

This bridge was built between 1420 and 1421. It was built by an architect named Tangtan Gyalpo who was long ago a disciple of the Dalai Lama. This bridge was built to cover a huge distance. Once upon a time other people living in Europe were only 20 meters away at that time but were not able to come further due to the lack of a bridge.

15. Brave Man Bridge, China

Location: Hunan, China

Height: about 600 g (over 180 m)

Length: Approx 1000 ft (300 m)

As you can understand from its name itself, how dangerous this bridge can be. The name of this bridge is Bahadur Aadmi Pul, which means that if you are brave then only it is good to pass through this bridge.

However, in China, this bridge is known as Haohan Qiao, which is located in Xinyuzhai National Park.

This is another glass bridge in the country that makes one’s feet shiver. People definitely look down while passing by here and it is not possible for them not to lose their senses. This bridge connects the two peaks.

16. Sochi Skybridge, Russia

 Location: Sochi, Russia

 Elevation: 680 ft (207 m)

 Length: 1,400 ft (439 m)

The bridge over the Krasnaya Polyana Valley can carry up to 30,000 people at a time. The bridge also has a bungee jumping site with the help of which you can dive down 650 feet. It was opened in 2014, at the same time as the Olympics were held in Sochi, Russia.

17. Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada

Location: North Vancouver, Canada

 Height: 230 g (70 m)

 Length: 460 ft (140 m)

This bridge also attracts a lot of people with the tone of historical bridge history. Built-in 1889, this bridge was opened to the public in 1890. The bridge was built to ease travel for tourists and visitors crossing the Capilano River, and the perilous bridge attracts over 1.2 million visitors each year. This bridge is privately owned and there is an entrance fee to pass through it.

18. Kusma Bungi Footbridge, Nepal

Location: Kusma, Prabhat, Nepal

Elevation: over 650 feet (200 m)

Length: 1,600 feet (about 500 meters)

The Kusama Bungi Footbridge is one of the highest and longest bridges in the world and this bridge is also famous for bungee jumping. This bridge opened in 2019. The design of this bridge is very similar to the Sochi Skybridge in Russia, which was also mentioned above.

People who come here often return after walking 2 or 4 steps, it is necessary to have courage and a strong heart to cross it.

19. Cusevaca Bridge, Peru

Location: Cusco, Malaysia

Height: 60 feet (over 18 meters)

Length: 100 ft (36 m)

These are also called Keshwa Chaka bridges and are said to be the last of the examples of Incan Gandoven bridges in the world.

This bridge is made by weaving grass. Which brings this bridge to a different adventure and danger. The bridge is said to have been blessed with a traditional Incan ceremony, which is why it is still in very good condition. Still, not everyone can afford to take the risk of crossing this grassy bridge.

20. Tibetan Bridge, Italy

Location: Viale Genevris, Claviere, Italy

Elevation: About 400 ft (over 120 m)

Length: 1,300 ft (400 m)

This bridge is the longest single-span bridge in the world. This bridge is extremely dangerous. But don’t worry, unlike at the Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan, here you’ll be strapped into a zip line with a harness, which won’t reduce your scares but may increase your safety a bit. No matter how courageous people are, to pass through the dangerous bridge, they have to live in the shadow of fear.

The world’s most dangerous bridges are dangerous as well as scary. If you consider yourself a brave person, then you must visit this place once and your courage will give you the answer.

Hope you have liked the information.

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