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Nalkeshwar Mahadev, Gwalior

Nalkeshwar Mahadev is located in Gwalior, the main metropolis of Madhya Pradesh, in the Tapobhoomi of Galav Rishi. There are many folk stories related to Nalkeshwar Mahadev. After leaving behind the crowds of the city, the path of rocky hills begins, and Nalkeshwar Mahadev is established in this dense forest.

Nalkeshwar Mahadev

Although this place is historical, people’s eyes have started falling on it now. In today’s time, thousands of Instagrammers and tourists reach here to click photos.

In reality, the ardent devotees of Nalkeshwar Mahadev have been very familiar with this place since the very beginning. The main reason for the influx of tourists is the very beautiful ‘Nalkeshwar Waterfall’ located here, whose beauty makes everyone definitely want to come here. Not only Nalkeshwar Mahadev Temple, but people living around Gwalior go for picnics at beautiful places like Bhadwana, Nalkeshwar Waterfall, and Tighra Dam during the rainy season.

History of Nalkeshwar Mahadev, Gwalior

Many regional and mythological stories are prevalent about the temple. Some special information told by the chief priest living in Nalkeshwar Mahadev Temple of Gwalior is presented in front of you:

Nalkeshwar Mahadev gwalior

The love of Kshatriya Emperor Maharaja Man Singh Tomar and Gujari Mrignayani

One of the major stories heard over the years is that of the love of Gwalior’s Kshatriya King Man Singh Tomar and a Gujri. Nalkeshwar Mahadev also has a deep connection to the historical background of Gwalior. It is said that Man Singh Tomar, the Kshatriya king of Gwalior, fell in love with a Gujri. The king was so enamored of Gujri’s love that he was ready to do anything for her.

View from Nalkeshwar Mahadev Temple, Gwalior

About 700 years ago, Raja Man Singh Tomar did the work of transporting the water of the divine Gaumukh built in Nalkeshwar Mahadev Temple to Gwalior.

The reason behind doing this work was the king’s immense love for Gujri. Gujri had placed a condition that if the king would transport the water to Gwalior, she would accept his love, and this happened in the end. Seeing the Gujri Mahal in the grand fort of Gwalior, it can be estimated how boundless the love of Raja Man Singh Tomar was.

How to reach Nalkeshwar Mahadev Waterfall?

How to reach Nalkeshwar Mahadev Waterfall?

A voting facility has been made available by the Gwalior Municipal Corporation to reach Nalkeshwar Mahadev Water Fall. You can enjoy taking a bath in the cool water of the waterfall while watching the beautiful natural view here.

Nalkeshwar Mahadev Waterfall

Tourists come here to cook and eat, and at the same time, they take a bath in the cold water and enjoy themselves a lot. In recent years, the work of making a day shelter has been going on, in which the best arrangements for the stay of tourists are being made.

The total distance from Gwalior to Nalkeshwar Mahadev WaterFall is 38.2 km. The route is a bit tricky, so it takes more time here.

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Tourist places around Nalkeshwar Mahadev –

The main tourist attractions near Gwalior include Gwalior Fort, Tighra Dam, and beautiful places like Bhadwana.

Tighra Dam –

Tighra Dam - Near Nalkeshwar Mahadev waterfall

Along with voting, you can also visit Tighra Dam in Gwalior to enjoy delicious food. Very tasty food is available at the Wind and Waves Cafeteria located here.

Distance from Gwalior: 19 km

Bhadawna WaterFall

Bhadawna WaterFall, Gwalior

This place is the best choice for nature lovers. It will be a special experience for you to take a bath in the cold water at the Bhadawna waterfall as well as visit the ancient temples built here.

The distance from Gwalior to Bhadawna Waterfall is 26.9 km.

Enjoy the beauty of Nalkeshwar Mahadev Temple and Nalkeshwar Water Fall, but keep in mind that this is a natural place, please do not throw garbage here and there.

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