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8 Most Weirdest Things About India 

India is undoubtedly one of the most interesting countries in the world. This lovely country always surprises us with its mysteries and different beliefs.

The people living here, the place, the feelings and the beliefs are all very interesting. India is famous everywhere for the strange and interesting incidents happening here, apart from being at the forefront of only tourist destinations.

Outsiderlove.Com brings to you some of the strangest and hidden secrets of India that may surprise you. Known for its delicious spices, our recommended 19 amazing things to do in this country will give you a different perspective of getting to know this country. 

Indian Unknown Clans and Tribes –

Unknown clans and tribes of India

Even in today’s new era on the Indian Ocean islands, some such tribes are found who have completely rejected our civilizations. Even today this island is completely untouched by the outside world and no person from the outside world has reached here.

Whenever anyone tried to go there, they were attacked by the wild tribes living in tribes. Those places have been left as it is by the Indian government. Sentinel Island is still far from everything modern and new age.

Six different Seasons in India –

Six Seasons in India

Compared to any other country in the world, the maximum change of weather is seen in India. This aspect of India attracts tourists a lot.

No country in the world has so many seasons. According to the calendar of Hindu religion, there are 6 seasons in India.  

India the largest English speaking country in the world – 

According to the constitution of India, about 21 languages ​​have been considered as the main ones and out of which Hindi and English are the most spoken languages ​​in India. A total of 1,650 languages ​​are found in India.

It is surprising that despite Hindi being the national language of India, India is the most English speaking country in the world. Although Hindi language is also most spoken in India.

Largest vegetarian country in the world – 

In the traditional concept of Hindu religion in India, eating any animal has been called a sin. However, eating non-vegetarian food is very common in the world. There are more such people in the world who are living only by eating meat.

According to the report, India is the largest vegetarian country in the world. India has more vegetarian people than non-vegetarian people than any other country. About 60% of India’s population is vegetarian. 

Polluted Air In India – 

In the big cities of India, the air becomes so polluted that there is a terrible smog. Delhi has the most polluted air in India.

Most of this type of problem is being seen in India in the whole world. Due to the increasing population, pollution is increasing. As a result, the air of the big cities here is getting polluted.

World’s largest family belongs to India –

Worlds largest family

You may not know but the world’s largest family lives in India. There are 39 wives and 94 children in this family. 

Rich Indian Women’s – 

Indian housewives keep 11% of the world’s gold with them. This gold is so much that even the gold of USA, SWITZERLAND, Germany and International monetary fund combined is not equal to them. 

Homeland of Chess –

You must have played this game of chess, but hardly do you know that this game was born in India only. This game has been flourishing in India since ancient times.

Earlier people in India know it by the name of “Chaturanga” i.e. four divisions of an army i.e. elephant, chariot, cavalry and infantry

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Nihal Chauhan
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