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Why Is Everyone Talking About Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji (Sohra)?

A city surrounded by clouds. Would you like to visit such a place? One of the major tourist destinations of North India, Cherrapunji is a beautiful place like heaven of India. North India attracts the maximum number of tourists in terms of tourism. On reaching here, it seems as if Cherrapunji has kept all the natural beauty of the world in itself.

Nohkalikai Falls falling from a height of 1115 feet is a living example of natural beauty. A waterfall which is world famous for its height. Nohkalikai Falls is considered to be the fourth highest falling waterfall in the world.

There is a place in the upper part of the waterfall from where tourists can get a breathtaking view of the waterfall. Cherrapunji is a natural city. The weather here is always pleasant. Cherrapunji is also considered the best place to understand the culture of North India. Here the traditional dish ‘Sohra Pulao’ is quite famous for its taste.

Strange historical story behind Nohkalikai Falls – 

Nohkalikai Falls, cherrapunji meghalaya
Nohkalikai Falls

As beautiful as this place is, equally strange is the story about Nohkalikai Falls. The secret of the story is hidden in the name of the waterfall. “noh ka likai” means ‘leap of likai’. Nohkalikai is the local Khasi language here.

Regarding the history of the waterfall, it is believed that years ago a divorced woman named likai lived here who remarried to give her daughter the happiness of a father. Likai wanted her daughter to get every happiness, that’s why she got married for the second time to give her father’s happiness to her daughter.

After likai’s marriage, her new husband hated her daughter very much. likai spent most of her time with her daughter, perhaps she realized that her new husband did not like her daughter at all.

Once likai had gone to the market to buy some things for her daughter, and taking advantage of this opportunity, likai’s husband killed her daughter and then cooked food.

While likai and her husband were having dinner, at the same time her husband told her that he had eaten his own daughter. Likai was so saddened by this that he ended his life by jumping from this peak. Since then this place was named Nohkalikai.

This story related to Nohkalikai Falls may be very scary but this place will definitely give you happiness.

Here is the complete information related to Sohra’s Nohkalikai Falls –

The timings to visit Nohkalikai Falls are from 9 am to 5 pm. Earlier this waterfall could be seen from a distance, but now stairs have been made to go down here. After the stairs are built, one can easily enjoy bathing in different ponds under the waterfall.

The water of the small ponds built here turns green and blue according to the season. For a better experience, you left the hotel at 10 am and stayed here till evening visiting different places here.

The best season to visit Nohkalikai Falls is from October to December or from March to May. It becomes a bit difficult to roam here in the rainy season. The fare to see Nohkalikai Falls is only Rs.20. If you want to take a camera with you, then you will have to pay an additional Rs.20.

How to reach Nohkalikai Falls?

To reach Nohkalikai Falls, you have to reach the Shillong region of the Meghalaya state of India. You can reach Shillong or Guwahati from Delhi, Mumbai or any international airport or by train. 

Shillong is the nearest airport and railway station to Cherrapunji. The distance of Nohkalikai Falls from Shillong remains only 80 km. The distance from Guwahati to Nohkalikai Falls is 146 km. In my opinion it is easiest to reach Nohkalikai Falls from Shillong.

The nearest bus station from Nohkalikai Falls is Cherrapunji Bus Station. Nohkalikai Falls is just 8 km away from Cherrapunji bus station.

What to do after reaching Nohkalikai?

Nohkalikai Falls, cherrapunji (Sohra) meghalaya
Nohkalikai Falls in winter

After reaching Nohkalikai Falls, you will not even realize how quickly time is passing. Before coming here, plan what activities you want to do after reaching the waterfall. According to us, you should move in the following way –

Experience the nature of Nohkalikai Falls –

After reaching the Nohkalikai Falls, the first thing you have to do is to take in the natural beauty and amazing views here. Sit here in some quiet place and watch the waterfall fall. If you are lucky, you will get a chance to see the rainbow along with the waterfall. You can also sit and meditate here to add a beautiful experience to your visit. By meditating in this union of nature, one feels a different kind of peace of mind.

Trekking at Nohkalikai Falls – 

cherrapunji (Sohra)
cherrapunji (Sohra)

Trekking is one of the most beautiful experiences for adventure lovers. You can do trekking while enjoying nature from the high mountains and dense forests here. It takes about 5 to 6 hours to complete the entire trek. You get a chance to see many beautiful views while trekking.

Observation of different species of birds –

Nohkalikai waterfall is nothing less than a boon for nature lovers. This place is perfect for people who are interested in animals and birds. There is a chance to see many species of wildlife in Cherrapunji.

photography –

There is a competition among the tourists coming here to capture the priceless view of nature in the camera. Millions of Instagrammers from India and abroad come here to click photos and make videos. It is one of the most special places to capture the immense beauty of nature in your camera.

Unique market of nohkalikai waterfall

You will find a variety of local eateries and restaurants around Nohkalikai Falls. If you want to have traditional food of Cherrapunji, then this place is perfect for food as well. It is a different pleasure to visit the local market built nearby. In this market, you will get to see the glimpse of traditional things by the local people living here.

Hot spices brought from the local houses are available in this market near the Nohkalikai waterfall. Bay leaves, cinnamon sticks and all kinds of spices are one of the main shopping here. You can also buy products like traditional handicrafts and souvenirs of Meghalaya at reasonable prices in this market built near the Nohkalikai Falls of Cherrapunji.

Traveling in the North East part of India is a beautiful feeling like a dream come true. Coming here, you will not realize how quickly time has passed. Apart from the amazing natural beauty of Cherrapunji, staying here will give you an insight into the traditions and culture of the people living in North India.

Coming to Cherrapunji gives an opportunity to experience the festivals celebrated here, the living conditions of the people, local myths and many more. For me this feeling was one of the beautiful feelings that I will never forget. Have you visited North India? Share your experiences by writing in the comments…

places to visit near nohkalikai waterfall

As we said in the beginning of the article that whole of North India is most popular in terms of tourism. There are many places to visit around Nohkalikai Falls. We have prepared a list of selected places to visit near Nohkalikai Falls –

Rainbow Falls –

Situated just 1 km from Nohkalikai Falls, it is a beautiful place.

Arwah Cave –

The ancient5 natural cave is situated at a mere distance of 6 km from Nohkalikai Falls.

Wah Kaaba Waterfall –

8 kms from Nohkalikai Waterfalls.

Cherrapunji ViewPoint –

This is the best place to see the unusual natural view of Cherrapunji. The total distance from Nohkalikai waterfall to Cherrapunji viewpoint is only 9 km.

  • Seven Sister Falls – 

To see the Seven Sister Falls, you have to travel a distance of about 11 kilometres from Nohkalikai Falls.

  • seasonal cave – 

distance from Nohkalikai Falls only 11km

  • Dainthlen Waterfall –

Nohkalikai is located 12 km from the waterfall.

  •  Wei Sawdong Falls (13 km)
  •  Garden of Caves (16 km)
  •  Thangkharang Park

Nice place to visit. Distance – 17 km.

  •  Double Decker Living Root Bridge –

One of the most famous tourist places in Meghalaya, this root bridge is a living example of a natural miracle. Distance from Nohkalikai Falls 22 km.

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