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Top 10 places To visit In Dhanaulti

One of the most beautiful tourist places of Uttarakhand, India, Dhanaulti’s natural beauty is amazing. Although I have been coming and going to Uttarakhand for many years, before this trip I had only heard the name of Dhanaulti. I am sharing some personal memories of this pleasant journey with you, hope you will definitely like this article.


The entire structure of Uttarakhand is so beautiful and mesmerising that the sight of dense hills here seems like a dream to the eyes. Dhanaulti is like a fairytale place with eternal peace and tranquillity. High snow covered mountains and dense forests all around as if nature is proud of its youth.


You may find these things to be the vision of a minstrel, but the truth is that many poets got a chance to imagine and think from the plains of Dhanaulti.

Dhanaulti roads

A thin road built on rocky high mountains, on one side of which there is a fear of mountains sliding and on the other side there is a dreadful ditch. If you can win over their fear then only you will be able to enjoy the unique natural beauty here.


Sometimes the side of the road becomes so difficult and narrow that you have to stop for a couple of minutes to move forward on the road. The risk of landslides is highest here during the rainy season.


The journey from Dehradun to Mussoorie to Dhanaulti has to be done with utmost care. Don’t know how many lives will be made by your one minor mistake, you can’t even guess. The craggy beauty of Dhanaulti is like paradise.


10 Most Beautiful Places Of Dhanaulti –


Maa Surkanda Devi Temple –

Surkanda devi temple, Dhanaulti

The biggest center of attraction in Dhanaulti is the temple of Jagat Janani Maa Surkanda Devi located here. Maa’s court located on the high peak is so grand that anyone who comes here gets overwhelmed. The grand temple of Mata Rani is situated about 8 km from Dhanaulti.


The road to Maa Surkanda Devi Temple is straight and full of beautiful hill views. The route is so mesmerizing that you will not get lazy even for a moment but will be seen enjoying the thrilling ride with double the energy. Tourists and devotees visiting the temple come from all over the country and abroad. Maa Surkanda Devi fulfills everyone’s wishes by removing their sufferings without any discrimination.


Ropeway has been arranged to reach the temple. If you prefer to climb up to the top of the temple, you can also use the stairs. The view from the main site of the temple is so amazing that once you will realize from within that there can be no one other than God to build it, that is, God is present in the world. Do not make the mistake of considering it as a minor temple, although no temple is minor. This temple is counted among the 51 Shaktipeeths of Mata Sati.


Time to visit the Temple – 


5AM – 7AM (during summer)


7AM – 5PM (during winters)


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Dhanaulti Eco Park –

Eco park dhanaulti

Spread over 13 hectares of hilly forests in Dhanaulti, situated at an altitude of about 7800 meters above sea level, this park brings you even closer to nature. The tall Deodhar trees are enough to enthrall you. Whatever stress, insomnia and depression you have brought from the cities, it all vanishes in the purity of these valleys. If anything stays in our mind then it is the immense peace spread here, the peace and the boundless beauty of the mountains.


The eco park is divided into two parts, one of which is called Amber and the other part is called Dhara. Special games have been arranged for the children inside the park. The beauty of trees and plants of different species lined up here can definitely surprise you. The rent of the park is nominal so that it does not put much of a dent on your budget.


Deogarh Fort –


Dhanaulti is also a better tourist destination from the point of view of tourists having historical interest. The history of the Deogarh fort located here gives you a chance to get acquainted with the history of the sixteenth century. This unique combination of natural and historical beauty is enough to captivate everyone’s mind.


As you enter the fort, you find intricately carved walls and gold-painted decorations. The more it is said in praise of the carvings engraved on the walls, the less it is. Many art works filled with rustic colors are very pleasing to your mind. Deogarh Fort is one of the selected tourist places in Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand.


Understanding the religiosity of the fort, you can see many Jain temples built here in a row. The beauty of Jain temples also seems amazing. Overall, if you are planning to visit Dhanaulti, then you must visit this fort of Deogarh.


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Kanatal Adventure Camp – 

Clouds in Dhanaulti

Kanatal Adventure Camp is the perfect place for adventure lovers. Here you can enjoy relaxing as well as exciting sports. The beautiful mountain view from here and the excellent accommodation facilities will definitely attract you to stay here.


You can participate in many types of adventure sports by staying here. Rock climbing, Burma bridge, parallel rope, balance beam, rappelling, valley crossing, etc. are some of the thrilling activities you can indulge in while staying here.


You also get a chance to have delicious local food in the campus built here. If you want, you can also cook and eat yourself. It is located at Dhanaulti on the Mussoorie-Chamba route.


Tehri Dam – 

Tehri Dam, Dhanaulti

Tehri Dam is considered to be the most favorite place for tourists visiting Dhanaulti. It is a very beautiful experience to see the water of this dam from the green hills. You can also participate in some thrilling water sports here. Whether it is a ride on a boat or a high speed ride on a water bike in the water of the dam, you will love everything.


It is not necessary that you come here to be a part of exciting water sports, but people also come here to experience peace and have a picnic.


Dasavatar Temple –


This temple built during the Gupta period is very special for Uttarakhand tourism. This temple is also very important from the historical point of view. Taking the wheel of time into history, this beautiful temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the chief of the Hindus. The beautiful workmanship of the Gupta period sculpture will surely leave you in awe. It is also known as Panchayatan Temple.


Thangadhar Camp –


Dhanaulti’s Thangadhar Camp can be a suitable destination for tourists who love forests and natural environment. You will like the excellent arrangement of staying in the tents set up in the hilly forests here. The camping surrounded by tall pine and deodar trees is obviously the most beautiful and liked by the tourists.


Married couples like this place a lot, in winters, one can enjoy snowfall here. You can also enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking and trekking in the beautiful valleys of Dhanaulti.


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Apple Orchard Resort – 


No need to go to Kashmir to see apple orchards! Rather, you can also enjoy seeing the abundant apple orchards in Dhanaulti. You can have a variety of apples as well as other organic fruits and vegetables. To eat delicious food, you can go to the Glass House restaurant located here. The most delicious Garhwali food is available in this restaurant.


Potato Farm –


Although it does not come in any special tourist places, still the cultivation of potatoes here is worth seeing. If you come to visit with children, then this place will prove to be very educational for the children.


Best Time To Visit Dhanaulti –

Dhanaulti view

Irrespective of the weather, visiting Dhanaulti has its own fun. It means to say that according to your dedication towards nature, you can roam here. In this case, I am of the opinion that summer and winter are the best seasons to visit the hilly areas. Snow-capped peaks are seen in winter, while in summer there is a chance to see nature more closely in short winters.


But if you are a die-hard nature lover then you must come here once in the rainy season braving the dangers. There is a different kind of beauty in the beauty of the forests here during the rainy season, which is not possible to explain in words. However, during the rainy season, the risk of all natural calamities like landslides on the mountains increases by many percent.


How to reach Dhanaulti?

Best places in Dhanaulti

The best way to reach is to take a direct bus from New Delhi Kashmere Gate to Dehradun. Mussoorie is located at a slight distance from Dehradun. There is a mirror road from Mussoorie to Dhanaulti.


If you want, you can reach Dehradun railway station from Delhi and reach there by bus or private taxi.


Dehradun to Mussoorie – 33.8 km

Dehradun to Dhanaulti – 36km

Delhi to Dhanaulti – 317.5km


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