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Top 15 Most Oldest Historical Cities In The World To Visit

Although there are many places in the world to visit, when it comes to visiting the oldest cities of the world, travelling becomes even more interesting and exciting. Are people interested in history often have this question in their mind: which are the oldest cities in the world?

To end your curiosity and to give you detailed answers to these questions, we have written this article, especially for you.

The names of many cities come in the count of the oldest historical cities of the world, but due to the lack of some evidence to prove any, only some cities, which have got enough evidence of being old, are recognized by historians to be the oldest cities. has gone.

Similarly, we have put in front of you a list of the 15 oldest cities in the world, whose archaeologists and historians have found enough evidence of their old age.

Every city in the world holds a story inside itself. It is the biggest dream of every historian to visit the oldest cities in the world. There are many stories of old cities. How was a city before it became a city? And how it changed from an ancient city to a modern city.

There is more than enough for tourists to visit in one of the oldest cities in the world that is enough to thrill and astonish them. Seeing the beautiful architecture of the old cities, it is understood how gradually man made it modern city from an ancient city.

To know which is the oldest city in the world? That’s why the researchers researched the remains found at the historical site there and according to them, it was decided how old the city is. So let us have a look at some of the oldest historical cities in the world.

The following cities are considered to be the oldest cities in the world.

Top 15 Most Oldest City In The World 

  • Damascus, Syria – 11,000 years old
  • Trikala, Greece (founded ca. 3000–2001 BCE)
  • Jericho, West Bank – 11,000 years old
  • Aleppo, Syria – 8,000 years old
  • Byblos, Lebanon – 7,000 years old
  • Athens, Greece – 7,000 years old
  • Argos, Greece – 7,000 years old
  • Susa, Iran – 6,300 years old
  • Plovdiv, Bulgaria – 6,000 years old
  • Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan – 6,000 years old
  • Sidon, Lebanon – 6,000 years old
  • Varanasi, India – 5,000 years old
  • Jerusalem, Israel – 5000 years old
  • Luoyang, China – 4,000 years old
  • Allahabad (founded ca. 1750 BCE)

1. Damascus, Syria – 11,000 Years Old 

Damascus, siria oldest city in the world

This city is quite famous as the cultural capital of the Arab country. Damascus is considered the oldest city in the world. Based on historical evidence, this city is the first inhabited city in the world. Damascus is a city that has seen the rise and fall of many great civilizations.

According to research studies and historical evidence, Damascus was first settled in the second half of the seventh millennium BCE. Historians and archaeologists at large all over the world believe that Damascus is the oldest city in the world.

Old remains and old buildings and evidence found here show that this city may have been inhabited about 11,000 years ago and today Damascus is one of the metropolitan cities with a total population of more than two million. With this, in 2008, Damascus was named the Arab Capital of Culture.  Today, this city is a centre of attraction for tourists from all over the world.

2. Trikala, Greece (Founded CA. 3000–2001 BC

Built on the ancient city of Trikka, Trikala is inhabited in mid-modern Greece. This ancient city was ruled by many sultanates, among them the Greeks, the Persians, the Macedonians, the Romans, the Byzantines and the Ottomans. Around the 19th century, this ancient city came under Greek rule.

After this, Ottoman architecture was completely destroyed in this city in the Middle Ages. 

Historical sites that remain in the city now include an important archaeological site, a palace and a historic mosque. This place is a centre of attraction for people who like historical places.

3. Jericho, West Bank – 11,000 years old

Jericho oldest city
Jericho city

Jericho is believed to be one of the oldest cities in the world. The fort built here dates back to around 6800 BC. This fact has absolutely proved that this city itself was called the ancient walled city.

Apart from this, on the basis of the remains and evidence found here, it has been confirmed by the researchers that this city is about 11,000 years old. And this simply means that Jericho is certainly one of the oldest historical cities in the world.

This city is situated below sea level, yet it continues to grow today. This area is considered to be a dry province according to the climate.

For this reason, it is the only oldest and the main old city in the world. Today approximately 25,034 people call Jericho their home.

4. Aleppo, Syria – 8,000 Years Old 

Aleppo is considered the capital of the Aleppo Governorate. This city is beautiful and clean even though it is very old. It can be guessed by looking at the architecture here that this city is more than 8,000 years old. A fact emerges from the archaeological remains found here during exploration that the remains of human settlements dating back to 11,000 BC have been found here.

Aleppo is actually located between the Mediterranean Sea and Mesopotamia, and due to its geographical location, it became an important trade centre during the ancient era.

If we look at history, many thousands of people have lost their lives in many wars between the government and the rebel army, and many people were forced to leave their homes and run away. Aleppo has been facing devastation since 2012.

5. Byblos, Lebanon – 7,000 years old,_Byblos,_Lebanon.jpg

Located about 44 kilometres north of Beirut, this city is considered the oldest and largest city of Mount Lebanon Governorate. According to historians, this city was inhabited by humans between 8800 and 7000 BC and since then this city has been continuously inhabited.

Along with this, this city has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is believed that the first import of papyrus into Greece took place in this city. The city is also considered an archaeological wonder as many remains are being found from the debris of people who lived in ancient times under the layer of remains found here.

6. Athens, Greece – 7,000 years old

Home to one of the world’s most ancient civilizations and the birthplace of Western civilization, the city of Athens holds deep secrets and history as it ages.

Athens is considered the largest and oldest city in Greece, which is also the capital of Greece. Tourists keep coming and going in every month of the year.

Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world dating back long before the days of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. The city has been continuously inhabited for at least 7,000 years.

The earliest known human presence in Athens is believed to date back to the 11th and 7th millennia BC. This city is very famous all over the world, tourists come here to see the historical heritage. Today, Athens is considered to be the oldest city in Europe.

7. Argos, Greece – 7,000 years old

An urban area has been inhabited here for about 7,000 years. Argos competes with Athens, the oldest city in Europe. This city falls in Argolis.

The city remained in power for a long time. It is situated in a place where the land is very fertile and useful.

However, the city is also known for its neutrality, refusing to send troops or supplies to fight during the Greco-Persian Wars.

It is for these reasons that this city has completely stood the test of time.

Many old buildings and architecture are still seen here. Argos is still home to some 22,000 people today. There are many surprising things for tourists to do in this city.

8. Susa, Iran – 6,300 years old

Susa, Iran
Susa, Iran

A very old Proto-Elamite city known as Susa. The city is one of the most important cities of the ancient Near East.

The city is close to the Tigris River and that is why this city is considered to be a very important ancient city. In ancient times, most of the cities were situated close to the river so that it could be easily moved anywhere.

It is believed that the city was once completely destroyed by the Assyrians, later it was rebuilt. After that, the city saw its most flourishing and glorious time during the Persian Empire.

9. Plovdiv, Bulgaria – 6,000 years old

Plovdiv was originally a Thracian settlement known to the Greeks as Philippopolis. It was a major city for the Romans. The city was also governed by the Ottomans for a time.

This beautiful city has a golden and beautiful history. The remains discovered by historians and the archaeological department provide evidence that the city is 6,000 years old. It is the second largest city in Bulgaria. Along with this, it is also an important economic, cultural and educational centre. In today’s time, there is a crowd of tourists in lakhs to see the historical heritage.

10. Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan – 6,000 years old

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan
Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan

The city of Erbil has been settled by Persians, Greeks, Romans, Mongols and Ottoman Turks. In the heart of the city, is the Erbil Citadel, also known as Hawler Castle (Fortress), an extremely ancient structure, dating back to 2,000 BC.

The city of Erbil is well known for its modern malls, and ancient sites, and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Erbil Citadel, also known as Hawler Castle, is an artificial mound and the centre of the historic city of Erbil, now located in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

11. Sidon, Lebanon – 6,000 years old

Sidon is another large, Lebanese city with a rich history. In fact, it is believed that the city was founded around 4,000 BC. Or possibly even earlier, around 6,000 B.C. The town is also considered significant in that it was visited by Jesus, St. Paul, and Alexander the Great.

Located south of Beirut, this Phoenician city is now one of Lebanon’s largest cities and home to Sahad, a busy port.

Much of Sidon’s history lies beneath modern buildings, making it difficult for archaeologists to excavate; However, there are many historical sites and some are yet to be discovered, including the Sidon Sea Castle.

12. Varanasi, India – 5,000 years old

Varanasi is considered to be the oldest city of India. The city is particularly known for its old religious significance and especially for its temples, although most of them were demolished. This old city is also known as Banaras and is also very popular. About 2,000 temples of Hindu religious culture are still present in this old city.

The city, also known as Banaras or Kashi, is located on the banks of the Ganges River in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and was founded in the 11th century BCE. The city attracts Hindu pilgrims and tourists from all over the world.

The winding streets of this city and the delicious dishes here are very much liked. The city of Banaras is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Kashi Vishwanath Temple, the oldest and most famous temple in this place, is very famous all over the world, and tourists keep coming here every day.

Historical evidence has been found that this city is about 5,000 years old, but it is even older, such estimates are made.

According to the BBC, according to Hindu legend, Varanasi is more than 5,000 years old and is believed to be the oldest city in the world, although evidence of habitation dates back about 3,000 years.

The city is considered the holiest city in the world for Hindus. Its location on the banks of the holy river Ganges also contributes to its reputation as an important site of pilgrimage.

13. Jerusalem, Israel – 5000 years old

Jerusalem, Israel
Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem is one of the cities that are believed to be around 4,000 to 5,000 years old today. But this city holds its own place in the world because a mixed culture of three religions is seen here.

Historical sources of all three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are found here. The city of Jerusalem is considered a religious city. And it has a long history of struggle.

Historian Eric H wrote that the city was destroyed at least twice, besieged 23 times and attacked 52 times. And about 44 times it was captured and lost and captured back.

In this way, this city becomes very important. The city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site as the old city. But still, it is not safe due to the mutual conflict between the governments here.

Both Israel and the Palestinian National Authority claim Jerusalem as their capital, a dispute considered “one of the most vexing issues in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict”.

14. Luoyang, China – 4,000 years old

Many older cities were built around 4,000 years ago in the Middle East and Europe, but Luoyang is outside that time period. Which stands as the oldest continuously inhabited city in Asia.

This city, situated in the plains of the middle of China, is considered to be the oldest city in China.

The city is one of the 7 main capitals of ancient China and has been continuously inhabited for over 4,000 years.

The city is located at the intersection of the Luo and Yi Rivers and has a lot of historical significance. According to historians, the city has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. And it was considered the geographical centre of ancient China.

15. Prayagraj (Allahabad) 1750 BC

Prayagraj, India
Prayagraj, India

During the Mughal Empire, its old name was changed from Prayag to Allahabad. It is the second oldest city in India. This city comes in the most densely populated areas of the world.

The city plays a central role in Hindu scriptures and it played a major role in several empires in the early 17th century, most notably the Mughal Empire.

Today the city has emerged as a major tourist destination and houses many major government offices.

One of the most polluting cities in the world, Allahabad also hosts many important sports and religious events, the most important of which is the Kumbh Mela. In people from all over the world come to take a dip in the Ganges. Kumbh is the largest religious gathering in the world.

This city is a city associated with Hindu religious beliefs and many old buildings are seen here.


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